Hydraulic Torque Converting Hydraulic Coupling


Hydraulic Torque Converter Coupling


  An energy-saving hydraulic torque converter coupling for matching traction type equipment was corporately designed and developed with Jilin University. Hydraulic torque coupling is a new type of hydraulic components, which has the functional characteristics with torque converting and high efficiency, especially suitable for matching requirements of traction oriented, large starting torque and frequently overload at the same time. It has a very broad application prospect in the transmission field of engineering and agricultural machinery, light vehicle, coal mine conveyor, oil rig and other equipment. Hydraulic torque converter coupling works on the principle that the circulation flow state of gas-liquid two-phase fluid in the working chamber changes with change of slip ratio, which meets the performance matching requirements of high-efficiency traction and overload conditions, and can realize the switch between traction and torque variation conditions adaptively.

No rear auxiliary structure

Rear auxiliary structure

Field diagram of PIV flow field test

Overall performance test of test bed